WTB Koda Saddle Review

While prepping my bike for a week-long bike trip to the Utah & Arizona deserts, I noticed my stock saddle was on its last leg. I began hunting for a new saddle that could handle the elements of any climate, a little crashing, and would be comfortable for countless miles of riding.


Matt recommended the WTB Koda Women’s saddle to me to try and check the boxes. WTB recently released this saddle, designed by and for women. It features a wide center channel to isolate the saddle contact to the sit bones, and a shorter, wider nose for easy on-off transitions.

I installed it on my bike and left for my trip the next day. When we arrived in Utah and I finally got to try it out, and it immediately felt comfortable, like I had been riding it for months already. No need for “breaking it in” or getting used to it, the Koda was shred-ready out of the box. I put well over 100 miles of pedaling on it within the first week riding around in Virgin, Flagstaff, and Sedona with several hours of riding each day.

Finding some steeps in Flagstaff, AZ after a long day of pedaling

We pedaled up steep fire roads and across single track in various climates, and the Koda felt comfy the entire way.  In addition to racking up pedaling hours on the Koda, I put it through the abuse of freeriding (and some crashing) in the rocky, terrain of Green River and Virgin, UT.

At the top of a freeride line in Green River


So far, I’m impressed and pleased with the performance and durability of the saddle. I’ve continued using it after my trip, riding and racing at TDS Enduro in northern California and at the CDC Enduro here in the rainy PNW. I tend to put a slightly higher than normal amount of wear and tear on my bike components, (hence why I needed to replace my stock saddle in the first place) and the Koda is still looking and riding like new.

A mossy pedal on the San Juan Islands

I’d recommend this saddle to anyone (male or female) looking for a comfy saddle that could work on any bike for any type of riding.

-Hannah B.