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Roam Bike Fest 2017

This past weekend the Supremes soaked up the sun at the first ever women’s mountain bike festival hosted in Sedona, AZ. So many brands came together to supply 150 women the opportunity to ask all the questions and demo all the bikes. Roam Bike Fest gave women the space and opportunity to just own it and shred like a boss.

Photo: Katie Lozancich

The festival made sure that that all the ladies could ride from sun up to sun down with organized group rides and shuttles. But if the legs were begging to burn, the ladies could take off right from the festival location and ride some of the most iconic trails in Sedona.

Photo: Brenda Ernst

It was so exciting to talk with women from all over the country retelling stories of hunting down the black diamond trails with other ladies and encouraging one another to try something new. The new trail/new feature domination gave the festival a special kind of buzz that was intoxicating – or maybe that was the free flowing margaritas out of the barrel of fun? Who really knows…

Photo: Brenda Ernst

The point is Roam Bike Fest was the most perfect way to close the summer chapter and welcome fall riding. Here are a few pictures of the fun and some words from the Supremes that were in attendance this weekend:

Photo: Brenda Ernst

“Roam fest is an incredible event that will boost your confidence and inspire you to follow your passion. Being surrounded by so many strong, beautiful woman was such an amazing experience. My favorite part of the event was seeing my mom gain the confidence to shred some red rock, giggling the whole time. Whatever your ability level on a bike there is no doubt you will have a blast at roam fest! “ -Mic

Photo: Brenda Ernst

“To say The Roam Bike Fest was epic doesn’t even quite cut it. Between the amazing scenery that Sedona has to offer, meeting some of the most inspiring women I have ever met, and getting my ass kicked by the technical descents; Roam Fest created an unforgettable experience. One of my favorite parts about the trip was rolling up on a group of guys (who probably thought they were pretty cool) with, no joke, over 10 ladies and showing THEM how to get rad and shred the shit out of the trails. The festival was an amazing experience and I am excited to show up and throw down for Roam Bike Fest 2.0, East Coast style.” -Steph

Photo: Katie Lozancich

“RoamFest was a unique and amazing experience–where else would you get to be part of a mountain bike festival for women, organized by women, and hosted by women. I am leaving this event feeling inspired by all the incredible people I met, and excited to stay in touch with my new friends across the country! The riding in Sedona was spectacular, the venue was beautiful, and the good vibes were off the charts.” –Delia

Photo: Katie Lozancich

Many thanks to the awesome photographers, Katie and Brenda for the amazing photos! You can check out more photos and follow them at



Also… Huge, ginormous shout out to the incredible Ash Bocast and Andi Zolton for all of your hard work, time, and energy to pull off this event. And for inviting us to come party down with you guys, we had a blast!! Cant wait until next time!


The Supremes

Brooklyn and the Process

Last summer I bought my first full suspension bike after I demoed a Kona Process 134. I fell in love after the first ride! I was giggling and squealing like never before. A friend treated me to a local gem of a trail I had never seen before; a trail that was outside of the realm of what I thought mountain biking was, but I just charged it because the Process 134 inspired the confidence I needed.  From that ride on, I was sold on this bike because it showed me that I could do anything. Making this purchase has changed my life and its been a crazy year on “cocoa the bike”

Brooklyn and Cocoa the Process

Now I’m upgrading bikes. I’ve sold my Process 134 for a Process 153 so I can charge harder and send it bigger no matter where I ride. I’ll be trading in the Shimano Deore brakes for the more powerful stopping power of the SRAM Guide R brakes and a Sektor fork for the Yari Solo Air. The 153’s 1X11 drivetrain along with the wider rims and tires is also a major upgrade from the 2015 Process 134 I was on before. The 153 likes bigger lines, is much more stable and loves to charge. I love how at home it feels on the steeps and has no problem with bigger hits and senders. I’m really excited about all the trouble my new Process 153 will get me into this summer and next year.  -Brooklyn

Photo: Paul Kelly