Supremely Nuun Kind of Day

The Supremes are #blessed to have some rad sponsors supporting our bad behavior and trail side antics. From applauding our podium hangouts to post race high fives, Nuun Hydration has been with us since the beginning. So this past Sunday, The Supremes hosted a private demo with the employees based out of Seattle to say thanks!

The Nuun Hydration Crew: Ray, Tyler, Peter, Mason & Ben (who works for Miir)


After getting the guys set up on the New G2 Process 153 29’er at The Kona Bike Shop we stuffed all the bikes and bodies in various cars and trucks to get to the South Side of Galbraith. After a few Supremes logged online to get in on the season pass for the 2018 Cascadia Dirt Cup, we were on our way! (season passes sell out quick, we had to make sure and get our spots!)

Right when we started cranking the pedals you could feel the positive vibes and contagious energy coming from our crew. Once the little flask of bourbon came out I knew we were rolling with the right people.


We meandered our way to the top of Galbraith Mountain for the grand tour of the classics that featured Evolution, Das Auto, Prison Love, U-Line, and Atomic dog/Radical Dragon.

We turned those boys into full blown Woo Girls by the end of the ride! Dirt splattered faces and fat grins accompanied by friendly banter made for a perfect mid-winter shred.

Until Next time! We had a blast

With Love, The Supremes